Application for Membership - Professional Towing & Recovery Operators of Illinois
Hickory Hills, Illinois
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Contact:Dave Walsh
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7667 W. 95th St. Ste 6W Hickory Hills,IL 60457
About Us
Mission Statement The Mission of the Professional Towing and Recovery Operators of Illinois is To foster and promote the interests and welfare of all towing-storage operations in the State of Illinois and cooperate with like enterprises throughout the country;
Member Benefits
PTROI MEMBER BENEFITS 1. Education and Training: As a #1 Priority the PTROI covers a wide range of topics from operating a tow truck to managing a business profitably to handling the stress of the day to day operations of a towing company. Through training schools and seminars the tower is kept up to date on knowledge of current laws that pertain to the industry. 2. Full Time Computerized Office: This office is open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM daily to assist you and answer your questions about the towing industry. Our Office Administrator can be reached at 1-800-286-0519 and the President is available at 1-800-423-3249. 3. Official Newsletter (Beacon): Our award winning publication has won national acclaim for excellence four times. Published ten times a year, every issue is packed with up to date information and ideas. The Beacon alone is worth the price of the membership. 4. Savings programs such as our Office Depot Purchasing Program can save members up to 60% on office supplies. Our Speedway Fuel Program saves members .05 per gallon on fuel. We plan to introduce a tire purchasing program by years' end. The savings from these purchase programs alone will more than cover the cost of your membership.
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Waiver and Release
I have received and read a copy of ARTICLE 2, “Aims and code of Ethics” and if accepted, I agree to abide by these Aims and Code of Ethics of the association. I further agree that all decals and patches bearing the Association logo or insignia and the right to reproduce the logo are proprietary property of the PTROI. Payment for decals or patches are leases for a term of membership. Termination of the membership, for any cause, terminates the right to possession or use of such insignia in any form.
I understand and agree to the waiver and release*