2011 Info Security's 7th Annual "Global Product Excellence" Awards
San Jose, California
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Online registration is closed but registration in the store, at packet pick-up or at the event may be available. Please see below or contact the administrator for more information.
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7th Annual 2011 Global Product Excellence Awards - Info Security Products Guide
Nominations are invited for the 7th Annual 2011 Global Product Excellence Awards from Info Security Products Guide. Info Security Products Guide is published by Silicon Valley Communications, 560 South Winchester Boulevard Suite 500, San Jose CA 95128 United States of America.

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Nomination Fees
Nominate in as many categories as you want by paying individual nomination fees or for a flat fee of $5,000 become a supporting sponsor and file in all the categories at no extra fee. Entry Fees For Each Category
Become A Supporting Sponsor
Sponsorship packages start at an affordable $5,000 and by becoming a sponsor you get 10 dinner tickets for the awards gala in San Francisco PLUS you can file in all the 70+ categories without paying any additional nomination fees. So if your organization is going to participate in these Industry Awards in 2011 in a meaningful way, you can save money by becoming a sponsor of one or more of these award programs. Sponsorship Opportunities
Apply To Be a Preliminary Judge
If you or someone you know in the industry would like to volunteer in judging apply to be a preliminary judge.
Categories And Guidelines
Do File Nominations: The most important advice is to file nominations because you will never win if you don't file nominations. There are so many categories to choose from - ranging from Executives who deserve industry's recognition for their achievements to Products and Services, from Companies to PR, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Categories, from Product Management and Marketing to Human Resources, Support and Customer Satisfaction Categories. This award program is divided into several major sections enabling you to nominate excellence in every area. Read the Categories And Guidelines page to plan what type of content you are going to submit for each category.
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