World Walks for Water - San Marcos
San Marcos, Texas
Thursday, February 24, 2011 - Saturday, March 26, 2011
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About This Event
Texas State's WaterAid chapter is excited to be participating in the international event, "The World Walks for Water" ***on SATURDAY MARCH 26TH, 2011*** The World Walks for Water is an international event that aims to raise awareness of water and sanitation issues around the world, and to demand stronger government actions to end the crisis that costs the lives of 4,000 children a day. Walking an average of 6 kilometers a day to collect water, often from unclean sources, women and children and their family risk contracting a disease from having to use dirty water as their drinking, cleaning, and washing water. This lack of access to clean drinking water impacts a community's health, education, and income. Here in San Marcos, the WaterAid Chapter will be hosting a walk in accordance with World Water Day (March 22nd) to raise awareness by simulating the daily journey women and children have to make. Walkers will have signs and water jugs they can carry to bring attention to our cause. All proceeds from this event will go towards WaterAid America, the international non-profit and a local water-realted San Marcos non-profit. WaterAid America works on sustainable water wells, sanitation infrastructure, and hygiene education; they are international leaders in bringing clean water to the people who need it the most. ***We will start at the Outdoor Center located in Sewell Park by the beautiful San Marcos River at 9:00am. We will walk through a highly visible part of town and then along the river and through Rio Vista Park and back to Sewell Park where we will be greeted by local vendors, local organizations, and live music until noon.**** Parking available at the City Park parking lot or you can run, walk, bike, or carpool to the event. *** Please NO DOGS, as Sewell Park does not allow them*** ALL participants are HIGHLY encouraged to bring their own refillable water bottle to help us reduce waste from this event!
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