7th Annual Ogden Lions Bicycle Benefit Ride
Ogden, Illinois
Saturday, June 9, 2012 7:00 AM (Central Daylight Time)
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Online registration is closed but registration in the store, at packet pick-up or at the event may be available. Please see below or contact the administrator for more information.
Questions? Contact the Administrator
Contact:Bill Gillespie
Email:Click here to email the Administrator
Ogden Village Park, North Market St., Ogden, IL (I-74 exit 197)
Take I-74 exit 197 South and the Park is on the Right or take US 150 to the 4-way stop and go North on Market St and the Park is on the left.
About This Event
Proceeds benefit Camp Lions, a service of the Lions of Illinois Foundation. This Camp provides an opportunity for vision and hearing impaired youth to enjoy a week of summer camping at no expense to them. There will be 12, 32 & 62 mile routes with rest stops, sag support and a meal at the end of the ride. Start with donuts and coffee.
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Waiver and Release
Liability Waiver and Indemnity Agreement: In consideration of the acceptance of this application for the Camp Lions Bicycle Benefit Ride event by the Ogden Lions Club (The Organizers) and all their directors, officers, members, and agents, I hereby waive, release and discharge any and all claims for personal injury, death or property damage which I may have hereafter accrue to me as a result of my participating in this bicycling event. This release is intended to discharge, in advance, the Ogden Lions Club and their agents, and any involved municipalities or other public entities (and their respective agents and employees) from and against any and all liabilities arising out of or connected in any way with my participation in this bicycle event even though the liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities mentioned above. It is further understood that serious accidents occasionally occur during bicycling events, I hereby agree to assume those risks and to release and hold harmless all of the entities and/or persons mentioned above who might otherwise be liable to me for damages. It is understood and agreed that this waiver, release and assumption of risk is binding on my heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns. I attest and verify that I am a capable, experienced and physically fit bicyclist and prepared to participate in this bicycling event. I understand that although The Organizers of this bicycling event have exercised care to promote the safety of the participants, there are factors present including traffic, other bicyclists, weather, road conditions, animals, etc.)whose actions and conditions are beyond their control. I agree to ride in a cautious and prudent manner and not to operate in violation or contravention of any City,County, State or Federal laws, statutes, ordinances or regulations and shall be personally liable for all fines and penalties for traffic law violations. I agree to wear a helmet. I further agree that I will supervise and accompany any and all minor children for whom I have cosigned. I also agree to release the use of any photos, slides, videotapes, etc. that might contain the undersigned for future use in promotional and/or informational activities as deemed appropriate by The Organizers. WAIVER OF RIGHTS UNDER STATE STATUTES I further agree to waiver of benefits flowing from any state statute which would negate or limit the scope of this Release and Indemnification Agreement. By signing this Release, I certify that I have read this Release and fully understand it and I am not relying on any statements or representations made by the “Released Parties.”
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