2012 Flurry's Hope Blind Horse Rescue Run 1 Mile Fun Run + 5K
Greensboro, North Carolina
Saturday, September 29, 2012 8:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
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The Story of Flurry’s Hope
Flurry’s Hope is named after Flurry, a blind horse that was given to Dr. Emilie Storch. This horse became an excellent mount but died suddenly in May of 2007. Because of her experience with Flurry, Emilie realized that wonderful horses were being killed just because they were blind. The blindness did not hinder their abilities to be ridden and enjoyed. As a matter of fact, it often made them better horses who did not run away, listened to their riders and who made deeper emotional connections. Flurry’s Hope began with the vision to rescue these horses heading to an untimely death and to raise public awareness of their ability to be excellent horses to ride.

We are the only rescue in the country that we know of that rescues blind horses to ride them. Others may rescue them but not specifically to ride them. We believe that the world needs to see that those with disabilities have much to give. We also want to set ourselves apart from the masses of rescues to have a significant point of difference. About 93% of people cannot believe that we ride blind horses and are incredulous because the general feeling is that they are worthless and pitiful. I believe that God has a special plan for each individual (able bodied or disabled) to exercise their God-given gifts and not be destroyed for lack of knowledge.
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