OSCON Couch to Quantified 5k
Portland, Oregon
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:45 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
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Additional Location Information
6:45pm Tuesday, 07/17/2012
Oregon Convention Center, Lloyd parking lot
Portland, OR
The Concept

What is Couch-to-Quantified?

Run, Quantify, Hack

July welcomes the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) back to Portland for its 14th year. OSCON is well known to the open source community as the world’s premier event that focuses on the people, technologies and community that comprise the present state and future of open source technology movement. O’Reilly’s goal is “Changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators”.

This year OSCON will host a 5K race on Tuesday, July 17th, the Couch to Quantifed 5K, to offer a fun and challenging activity to inspire healthy activity amongst the conference-goers, as well as offer a competition that challenges their intellect and technical skills. The hope is that the Couch to Quantified 5K is the spark that ignites a burning passion for improving their health as well as pushing their coding skills.

Judges for the hack-a-thon will be drawn from a panel of experts present for OSCON’s Health IT track, and led by experts in “big data” and the quantified self movement.

The Couch to Quantified 5K may be the spark that ignites your interest in the current transformation of the US healthcare system. It may also spark an interest in a healthier lifestyle, or encouraging others. Couch to Quantified 5K hopes to energize the innovative OSCON community, and provide an experience where “hacking health” can be seen as both fun and rewarding. Finally, we’re offering a path and inspiration to a place where one can change their lifestyle and embrace physical activity.

About This Event

What you need to know:

* In conjunction with OSCON
* OS and off the shelf hardware
* Continuous monitoring
* Post-race Hackathon
* Anything could happen!

The 5K run, open exclusively to the first 300 conference attendees, will also achieve the goal of engaging members of the community who are not already engaged in exercise activity by drawing their interest from what is usually considered one of the more unhealthy aspects of their lives.

Through some of the most scenic and emblematic sites of Portland, athletes will be taken through a course landscape that showcases the city at its finest. This city loop is perfect for the athlete just starting out their athletic approach or challenging enough for the seasoned runners. With only 300 athletes on the course, sponsored hydration and medical/tech checkpoints, friendly race staff, and varied course scenery, this race will truly illuminate the best of what Portland has to offer.

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I understand that the Race requires physical exertion and that the mapped out course and vicinity will have obstructions and hazards in the way of pedestrians, commuter and leisure person traffic, pets, uneven paths, cracks or floating ramps, weather and other hazards that could influence my performance or physical safety. I will use my best judgment, and in any event I assume all risks, in protecting myself from these elements and any risks, and ensuring that I participate in the Race without incident to the best of my abilities.

Running, racing and exertion can be risky. I further hereby certify that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained to participate in the Race. If, however, as a result of my participation in the Race, I require medical attention, I hereby give consent and authorize medical personnel to provide such medical care as deemed necessary.

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