Wild Color Stampede 5K
McAlester, Oklahoma
Saturday, October 13, 2012 10:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
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Wild Color Stampede 5K
WiLd CoLoR STAMPEDE.....Race Day Registration and Check in begins at 9:00 am. Race begins at 10:00am @ Studio 23 Photography 23 East Choctaw McAlester OK

The 5k Run/Walk/Roll/Stroll will start in DOWNTOWN MCALESTER and end in OLD TOWN MCALESTER in the middle of the Wild West Celebration!

McAlester's most colorful run ever!! Through this race there will be "Color Zones" where you will be dowsed with colored powder. By the end of the race you will be a colorful as a rainbow!

Plan to stay in Old Town the rest of the day and enjoy the food, fun, and festivities. A slow moving ‘hay ride’ will transport you to and from Old Town to Downtown throughout the day [see posted schedule]. Don’t forget to have your photo made with family and friends in FULL COLOR!

At 12:00p.m. take out your Race Pack Color Bag [or if you have already used it up, buy another] and join with the Band to send and explosion of color and Old West Music into the air! Evening activities will include the WhistleStop Outdoor Saloon with plenty of drinks and music – dance the evening way in your most colorful way!

Food and beverages will be available during the entire event!

The ‘color dust’ is made of cornstarch and food coloring and will stain your clothes and skin. To permanently retain the color on your t-shirt, visit the COWBOY COLOR BOOTH and, for a small fee, a real cowboy [or cowgirl] will transform your color dusted t-shirt into a permanent piece of colorful old west art!

Parking Lots available:
Downtown, Farmers Market, Chadick Park, and at 3rd & Comanche.
A slow-moving hay-filled wagon will take you to and from the Downtown and Old Town areas.


  1. Everyone, young, old and in-between is welcome!
  2. Children under five [no charge] can participate with an adult.
  3. Run, walk, dance, roll, skate, or stroll your way to the finish line.
  4. Start the race in white OR light-colored clothing/costume [if you Pre-Registered wear your WiLd CoLoR Stampede t-shirt!]
  5. Wear goggles or sunglasses with your craziest outfit.
  6. No pets please.
  7. You MUST have fun and liberate your inner child!

At the finish line, spend a few moments getting the dust blown off–you won’t be clean but you won’t be walking around in your own dust storm either!

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Wild COlor Run Waiver
Wild Color Stampede 5K Race Waiver_ By signing this Form below, I certify that I am physically able to use all facilities and do hereby agree that this Race, its Employees and those associated with it are not responsible or liable to me for injury, accident or loss of personal property. I hereby release the Wild Color Stampede 5K Race, All employees and volunteers and the City of McAlester from any claims or cause of action which may have occurred as a result of any medical problems known or unknown which I may have knowledge presently or in the future. I verify no promise or guarantees, other than those written in this agreement, was made to me by Wild Color Stampede 5K race or its employees. I agree to follow The Race Instructional guidelines and to cooperatively utilize the fundraiser with other participants. I understand that I am participating at my own risk and understand the Wild Color Stampede 5K race has NO liability Insurance for the public places the race is held. I also know that the color used at this race can stain clothing, skin and other items it may come in contact with. I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE READ THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREE TO THE TERMS HEREIN. ____________________________________________________________________________  Sign Print Name Date ( Under 18? Must have a parent or legal guardians signature) Phone:________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact name & #________________________________________________ Form of payment: Cash______ check:_______ Online:___________
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