Seminar in Tropical Medicine: Tropical Medicine Abroad
Houston, Texas
Thursday, March 13, 2014 - Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Online registration is closed but registration in the store, at packet pick-up or at the event may be available. Please see below or contact the administrator for more information.
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Contact:National School of Tropical Medicine
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Lecture Location, Dates and Parking
The Seminar in Tropical Medicine will take place in Bioscience Research Collaborative (6500 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005), Room 282, Thursdays, March 13th to April 24th, 2014, 5:30pm-7:00pm. The parking garage is off Dryden Road between S Main and Travis.
About the Seminar in Tropical Medicine
The seminar course offered by the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine is comprised of weekly lectures from faculty and subject matter experts, representing Texas Medical Center institutions, on various topics in tropical medicine. The coming spring 2014 offering will focus on tropical medicine abroad particularly in low-resource settings. The objective is to present major advances, gaps and constraints for identifying, preventing, treating and managing neglected tropical diseases that disproportionately afflict "the bottom billion," the world's poorest people and to discuss innovative and effective solutions to these challenges. It is anticipated that this course will attract graduate and medical students from Baylor College of Medicine, as well as students attending Rice University. This year we also open this seminar course to the Houston-wide community to attract healthcare providers and public health officials interested in advancing their knowledge of tropical medicine.
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Choose the lecture(s) you will attend:
March 13, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Mark Kline, Lecture Title: Global Health: Serving the Underserved There and Here) $25.00
March 20, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Michael Belfort; Lecture Title: Vesico Vaginal Fistula and its Management) $25.00
March 27, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Bobby Kapur; Lecture Title: TBA) $25.00
April 3, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Herbert DuPont; Lecture Title: A Personal Odyssey in Global Research – A Hobby Designed to Improve World Health) $25.00
April 10, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Sarah Bezek; Lecture Title: TBA) $25.00
April 17, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Laila Woc-Colburn; Lecture Title: A Doctor’s adventures among the Cakchiquel Indians and Hospital Roosevelt in Guatemala) $25.00
April 24, 2014 (Presenter: Dr. Kristy Murray; Lecture Title: Disease Eradication in Bangladesh and the Philippines) $25.00
All lectures $150.00
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