Don't Look Back! 5K Zombie Run
Texarkana, Texas
Saturday, October 26, 2013 4:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
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Online registration is closed but registration in the store, at packet pick-up or at the event may be available. Please see below or contact the administrator for more information.
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Questions? Contact the Administrator
Contact:Lindy Hatridge
Email:Click here to email the Administrator
Spring Lake Park
Texarkana, TX
About It!
Yes, just about anyone can run but the story turns when you're running for your life. Test your speed, strength and endurance through a 5K while running away from the undead. This chilling race will be your first hosted by the Literacy Council, and hopefully it won't be your last! Before the race, there will be ghoulish games and activities for all ages, but soon after, the race begins. Waiting at the end of this zombie infected 5k—aside from a possible brain craving—is an apocalypse party to die for. Come celebrate with music with your cannibal corpses, surviving runners, and the infected runners while the awards are given.
What to Bring
•Bring an official form of identification (driver's license) •Arrive prepared for the weather, proper, gear. •Bring chairs to enjoy the Apocalypse Party and food. •Money - to play games and activities, AND to purchase extra lives if you so desire (10.00)
Survival Guide
SURVIVAL GUIDE Basic Survival -Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the overly intimidating game of flag football. These flags represent your health. -The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains. -If you lose all your health flags, you are infected with the zombie virus, and the zombies win. -Health bonuses will be hidden throughout the course. In these health packs will be extra flags. Take the flags and carry them to the finish line, but leave the health pack, it doesn't count as a flag. What you're up against -There will be zombies. Their job is to chase you and eat you — but mainly go after your health, in the form of your flag belt. Avoid the zombies to keep your health flags. -Use speed, strategy and a solid group of your closest allies to make it to the FINISH LINE “Alive” with at least ONE FLAG INTACT (or a health bonus pack). If you finish with zero health flags, this means the zombies have successfully transformed you into the “undead.” The Zombies They’ll do whatever it takes to chase you down and grab your health flags to turn you into the “Undead”. Zombies are always hungry but remember: • Zombies will not physically contact any runner other than in attempt to pull a life flag. • Direct physical contact (pulling, grabbing, pushing, striking, etc.) between zombies and runners will not be permitted. • Do not taunt the zombies that could be someone you know. • All physical contact with any runner is strictly prohibited. All of those in violation of this rule will be ineligible and will be escorted off of the grounds. • Never to grab a flag from a runner • You must obey all course officials at all times. Trust them; they will lead you to a Zombie victory. • Creeper zombies are never to run and chase down a runner. They creep. • Runner zombies must run and chase runners during their shift. • A zombie must complete his/her shift in order to receive the zombie awards. This includes signing in when you arrive and signing out when you are finished your shift. • Any visibly intoxicated zombies will not be allowed to participate, will be asked to leave and will not receive any of the zombie awards.
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